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Social Justice in Action

Poverty, discrimination, racial injustice, homelessness. Social injustice is all around us. Find out how the whole Roosevelt community puts social justice into action every day.

Speaking Out

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Our social justice blog is written by and for the Roosevelt community. It’s all about the things that matter most to us, and the issues that move us to learn more, speak with conviction and act courageously.

Telling Flint’s Story

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As news of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan swept the nation, Roosevelt University journalism professor John W. Fountain and nine students from his Convergence Newsroom class convened in Flint to dig for the truth and tell the story. Follow #RUinFlint to see what transpired.

Giving Back

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Throughout Chicago and the world, Roosevelt alumni are leaders, volunteers and contributors to an extraordinary array of nonprofits. Whether motivated by altruism, religion or personal experience, they share the drive to help others in every way they can.

“I never realized the obstacles that our homeless have in getting back on their feet,” said Bernard, who grew up in Belize City where she first saw street people and learned that reaching out is part of belonging to a community. “If anyone was hungry, there was always someone there with a pot of food,” she said. “What I’ve learned is that America has the resources in place to help, but it lacks the community.”
Desire Bernard - Psychology
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