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Ready to transfer? We know what you need – an outstanding academic experience, generous transfer policies, and access to faculty with real-world experience.

Roosevelt University takes pride in the relationships it has built with its community college partners and other four-year colleges and universities: targeted recruitment efforts, transfer articulations, and our dual-degree programs.

Transfer Articulations

What courses will transfer to Roosevelt? Understanding which courses will transfer towards the completion of a bachelor's degree at Roosevelt is the first step in beginning the transfer process. Transferology is designed to help students in determining the institutions to which their coursework will transfer.

The Dual-Degree Program

A unique partnership between Roosevelt University and select community colleges, provides a pathway for full-time students to earn quality, accessible, and affordable associate and bachelor’s degrees close to home. The program addresses the region’s need for a highly educated workforce and the nation’s agenda to increase the number of citizens with college degrees.

Graduate and Doctoral Programs

All coursework transferred from another institution towards the completion of a master's or doctoral program at Roosevelt University must be reviewed and approved by the program's director. An official evaluation will be completed after a student has been formally admitted to the program.