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 Arts and Sciences | Business | Education | Professional Studies 

College of Arts and Sciences

BIOL 113-98 The Nature of Science

Computer Science & Telecommunication
CST 370-98 Software Engineering I

ECON 234-98 Elementary Statistics

ENG 102-98 Arg, Analysis, Research
ENG 467-98 Composition Theory

HIST 3/442-98 Top: History of Public Health

Liberal Studies
LIBS 201-98 Writing Social Justice

MATH 116-98 Finite Mathematics
MATH 217-98 Intro Probability & Statistics
MATH 3/428-98 Linear Programming & Optim

Political Science
POS 327-98 Sexuality, Gender & Int. H.R.

PSYC 200-98 Introductory Statistics PSYC 203-98 Coping with Stress PSYC 243-98 Theories of Person.
PSYC 254-98 Childhood and Adolescence
PSYC 316-98 Learning
PSYC 319-98 Child & Adol Psychopathology
PSYC 336-98 Brain and Behavior
PSYC 344-98 Industrial/Organizational PSYC
PSYC 393-98 Internship in PSYC
PSYC 640-98 Mental Health Prac in Setting

SOC 223-98 Sports and Society

College of Business

Business Administration
BADM 401-98 Graduate Business Orientation

Business Law
BLAW 201-98 Business Law I

Human Resource Management
HRM 432-98 Admin Labor MGMT Relations
HRM 491-98 Spec TOP: Global HRM

Information Systems
INFS 330-98 Management Information Systems 

MGMT 358-98 Behavioral & Org Theory

College of Professional Studies

Training and Development
TRDV 400-98 Intro to Training & Dev
TRDV 411-98 Instruct Methods & Delivery
TRDV 422-98 Adult Learning Theory & App
TRDV 424-98 Consul Tools & Tech
TRDV 450-98 Learning Technology
TRDV 501-98 Online Teaching Theory & App

Organizational Leadership
OLED 310-98 Media Outlets:
OLED 320-98 Intro to Org Comm
OLED 325-98 Org Comm II
OLED 335-98 Org Change
OLED 365-98 Diversity
OLED 370-98 Leadership Devel
OLED 380-98 Strategy, Vision, Planning

Criminal Justice Leadership
CJL 200-98 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJL 240-98 Intro Criminology
CJL 300-98 Police & Society
CJL 330-98 Crim Just & Constitut
CJL 389-98 Serial Killers

Commerce and Enterprise
CMRC 310-98 Mgmt, Commerce, & Ent

Paralegal Studies
PARA 305-98/LAWA L05-98 Comm Law

Professional & Liberal Studies
General Education Core

PLS 290-98 Tech & Quant Literacy
PLS 302-98 Methods of Critical Reasoning
PLS 391-98 Seminar Natural Sciences
PLS 392-98 Seminar Humanities
PLS 399-98 Senior Thesis

College of Education

Counseling & Human Services
CHS 457-98 Topics/Issues in Human Dev

EDUC 407-98 Top: Issues Human Development
EDUC 480-98 Inquiry in the Classroom
EDUC 485-98 Tech in the Classroom

Language and Literacy
READ 458-98 Linguistics for ESL Teachers
READ 476-98 Cross-Cult Study for Teach LEP
READ 480-98 Inquiry in the Classroom

Special Education
SPED 480-98 Inquiry in the Classroom

Teacher Leadership
TLED 433-98 Evaluating Curriculum
TLED 435-98 Ldrshp in Professional Dev