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Health Insurance

Roosevelt University partners with The Maksin Group as our student health insurance administrator. The Maksin Group offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to students on campuses across the US. The Maksin Group works with a network of local and national health care providers to make sure students have access to the best care available.

Participation in the student health insurance plan is required for F1 and J1 international students and students living in university housing at the Chicago Campus.  All F1 and J1 international students and all residence hall students are automatically enrolled in the plan unless students can demonstrate they have equivalent coverage and waive the university plan.  Students must successfully complete the on-line waiver form by the advertised deadline. The plan is optional for all other commuter students who are currently enrolled, full- and part-time degree-seeking students. For details please see Health Insurance & Health Insurance Policy.

This basic student plan is available annually or by term. For additional information, call the Office of Student Services at 312-341-2004.